The tragic outcome of racing horses in Australia

A large-scale investigation by ABC News (Australia) found that slaughtering horses for food for animals and humans at slaughterhouses in New South Wales and Queensland.

Worth mentioning, this activity is taking place despite the horse racing industry rules and regulations on animal protection.

Secret investigations revealed brutal treatment of horses at slaughterhouses before and during slaughter. Horse slaughter is not illegal in Australia but it is against the policies and rules of the horse racing industry.

For the past two years, Elio Celotto and the Equestrian Protection Alliance have been monitoring Meramist slaughterhouses, located north of Brisbane, with remote cameras and have recorded daily activities there. In the Meramist kiln, people slaughter all kinds of cattle, but horses alone are estimated to be slaughtered about 500 per month.

As for the Equestrian Protection Alliance, a group of secret investigators entered the slaughterhouse and recorded over a thousand hours of images of horses being put through slaughterhouses and how they were treated.

This process records about 300 racing horses that have passed through the Meramist slaughterhouse in just 22 days. Especially, there were days when a secret camera recorded more than 40 racing horses being slaughtered.

The images recorded and transferred to ABC News also show slaughterhouse workers torturing animals before killing them. Specifically, the horses were beaten and tortured, repeatedly hit on the head and killed. Some were kicked and subjected to electric shocks.

And yet, one worker saw a piece of wood pounding the horses repeatedly, another beating them with water pipes.

The horse racing industry in Australia is a massive business that requires a large supply. In the last fiscal year, the industry has produced 14,000 foals. In addition, each year, about 8,500 horses are withdrawn from the track.

However, according to him, the guarantees of the horse racing industry are not reliable. The fact is, a large number of horses are having a very terrible end, at least 4,000 horses per year.

Peter V’Landys, a horse racing official in New South Wales, said he was unaware of the horses being taken to the slaughterhouse, and said anyone found to be in violation of the rules would be Strict handling.

ABC has confirmed that Luddenham Pet Meat is supplying minced meat to the hound racing industry. However, Mr V’Landys said he had no evidence that people supplied racing horse meat to hunting dogs.

Yak cow – Symbol of Tibetan origin

Talking about Yaks, there are a longhaired cow that lives in the Himalayas, the Qing-Tibetan plateau and northern Mongolia. Apart from the domesticated population used for breeding, most wild Yaks are very vulnerable.

The female is called Dri or Nak, and Yak is the term for both genders. Yak cows often live in a herd, the long, thick fur on their bodies is the coat for them to cope with the harsh climate here.

Tibetan cowhair is soft and silky with some colors. For example, gray, brown, black and white. These hairs are about 1.2 inches long and are combed or stripped from the cow body and then removed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BÒ YAK

The result is that the hairs can be rolled into rolls to weave or knit. Cow hair is made into ropes, carpets and many other products. Their leather is used in the manufacture of leather shoes and bags as well as in the construction of a basket boat.

Domestic yaks are raised primarily for milk, fur, and meat, as well as for plowing or pulling cars. They transport goods throughout the mountain passes to local farmers and traders as well as to expeditions and mountaineers. Cow dung is even burned as a fuel source.

Yak cow milk is made into a cheese called Chhurpi or Byaslag. Butter made from Yak cow milk is also an ingredient in the butter tea that Tibetans love to drink or make statues in religious festivals.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BÒ YAK

In some places in Tibet, bull racing is considered an entertaining attraction at traditional Tibetan festivals. In addition, spicy beef hotpot Yak, sweet bone and mushrooms are also one of the dishes that keep visitors coming to this land. So Yak cows are really cute and versatile, right?

So you should visit Tibet with majestic natural landscapes and very cute Tay Tang cows.

Extreme sports – The profession of the hearts of love

Only a few women dare to pursue a career in photographing adventure sports. And if we try to understand them, we will have to call them heroes.

A lot of those athletes, we are starting to take an interest in extreme sports when we see photos of outstanding athletes flying with paragliding in the sky.

Few people remember that behind the pictures that inspire millions of photographers, artists are also rolling and passionate about challenges. And few know that, for women, those challenges are much more arduous.

thể thao mạo hiểm 6

The images you are looking at on this newspaper site were made by Yana Mavlyutova, a female Russian photographer. And she is one of the rare women to pursue this job.

Sport is still a male dominated field. Most presidents of sports corporations are men. Men’s athletes are often more noticeable, attracting sponsors and fans. As a result, female photographers are also less valued than their male counterparts.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of professional sports photographers in the world is extremely small. To have the opportunity to work, they not only have to compete with countless male colleagues about their talent and health to face gender prejudice.

thể thao mạo hiểm 2

The female photographer Sachi Cunningham, who is known as an excellent camera when capturing images of female surf athletes. She had to admit that her profession was a fiercely competitive world because society still considered women unsuitable for the type of work that needed delicate, sensitive eyes and supple muscles.

The challenge of strength and skill exists is what any photographer specializing in adventure sports must have. These women need not only health, but also a close understanding of the sports they capture.

The work is not only difficult but also life-threatening. Therefore, not many customers want to give that responsibility to women.

Indian workers are like ‘Usain Bolt of buffalo racing

Srinivasa Gowda, he is a construction worker in southern India. He has just broken the local buffalo race record and is being compared to “Black Lightning” Usain Bolt.

He had ran 142 meters of dirt road for 13.42 seconds, BBC reported. The Olympic event watchers have more scientific methods, better electronics to measure speed.

“People compare me to Usain Bolt. He’s a world champion, I just ran on a dirt road,” Gowda told India Today.

Srinivas Gowda ran 142.5 m in 13.62 seconds on January 31 after two buffaloes. That’s setting a record in an annual race called Kambala in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka.

This achievement is equivalent to running 100 m in 9.55 seconds, surpassing Bolt’s world record (retired) is 9.58 seconds. It earned the reputation of the buffalo racer who was a construction worker, before receiving an invitation from the Indian Sports Minister to compete in the national track and field.

However, according to local media, while floating like alcohol, Gowda’s record was broken by another buffalo racer. Accordingly, Nishant Shetty and his buffalo defeated Gowda by running 143 m in 13.61 seconds, equivalent to a record of 9.51 seconds on a distance of 100 m.

Tay đua trâu Nishant Shetty lại nổi tiếng nhờ được cho là phá vỡ kỷ lục chạy 100m của Usain Bolt /// CHỤP MÀN HÌNH

Kambala, in Tulu meaning “muddy field”, is a traditional sport originating from the coastal region of Karnataka. Participants will run on a dirt track, 132 meters long or 142 meters long, with two buffaloes tied together.

In 2014, the Supreme Court of India banned the racing of cattle after appearing in several campaigns against Jallikattu, a form of bullfighting in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The International Animal Rights Protection Organization (PETA) has filed a petition with the Supreme Court of India, saying that the state of Karnataka reorganizing Kambala is illegal.

The Buffalo driver Srinivas Gowda suddenly became world famous after being compared to the legendary Bolt

Talk about the Polynesia elephant racing festival in Thailand

Your journey to Thailand in May is about to begin, and you want to visit Thailand’s vibrant fighting festivals. So let us learn about the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. A festival besides a lively struggle is a lot of humane activity going on behind it.

In recent 2016, Anantara Hotel, Resorts & Spa announced the upcoming opening of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. The festival is organized by banks in Bangkok’s Chaophraya River. The organization period is from 10 to 13 of March this year.

The festival will include 10 teams participating in the fight including 40 players will participate in the competition. The number of elephants involved was 18.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đua voi\

These are elephants abused by tourist resorts and the Surin unemployment area with hours of work. When returning to the festival, they are fully fed with fresh fruits and vitamins to have a good health and restore the body.

The King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament has been held 14 times and has become the largest charity festival in Southeast Asia. On annual occasions, the festival contributes $ 1 million to the elephant conservation fund.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đua voi\

And this is also a festival with the idea of ​​using elephants to treat autism for children. As a result, the elephants earn money and they will not have to work hard in the tourist area or the unemployed. Having fun in the festival, you will see the arrival of the New Zealand All Blacks basketball team.

There is also an indispensable appearance of transgender beauties from Miss Tiffany. King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament will be an indispensable great choice in your Thailand tour. In order for you and your relatives to not only live in the excitement of the festival but also in the kindness that the festival brings to people and animals.

During the trip to Thailand this year, the festival will have 10 participating teams including 40 different players. During the festival there will be 18 elephants to fight. These are abusive elephants from the tourist and unemployment areas of Surin. Before participating, they will be fully fed with fresh fruits and vitamins so that they are in good health and restore strength.

The process of training racing dogs

Dog Training is one of the professional and well-researched animal training activities.

Select dog after birth

After 2 months of age, Puppies are separated from Mother and cared for and nurtured according to a special diet to ensure comprehensive physical development to become mighty Racing Dogs in the future.

1 year old dog racing trainer

At 1 year of age, the diet and training of racing dogs is done according to a standard curriculum agreed by the Trainers, depending on the breed, climate and geography.

Greyhound’s hunting practice

Race Dogs are allowed to wake up at 6 am. The Trainer begins to walk, jog and perform underwater swimming exercises to train endurance, endurance and comprehensive physical development. In order to awaken the hunting characteristics typical of hunting dogs, the Trainers will click on the prey track, stimulate them to chase, conquer the prey.

Familiarize yourself with the racetrack

At this time, the “working” time of professional Racing Dogs usually starts from early afternoon. To warm up for the main race in the evening, each group of dogs must go into warm-up training. One of those exercises is to swim in the moat.

Next is a lap exercise in a roundabout with fake prey controlled by a dog center staff member. Fake prey runs very quickly, attracting dogs to follow.

In order to give the dog a gentle stride on the track, the training ground is pumped with water to increase drag, forcing the dog to drive at full speed. Not only does the dog run alone, the dogs also have to run in pairs to get used to the feeling of racing with the opponent.

Greyhound racing dog’s diet

Their diet is very special and expensive. Each stage of development is different, the Trainer chooses to give the Racer a different diet. The juveniles are usually fed cooked food, while the adults and race starters are fed live and dry foods. All food is checked to ensure safety and hygiene before feeding the Racing Dog.

Before each race, the Racing Dogs are usually given multivitamins, toenails and a snack before the race.

Normally, each racing dog has a racing life of about 6 – 8 years. After that, those with good health are kept for breeding, the rest are adopted as pets in dog-loving families because they are very gentle.

Does sport hunting really save animals

When Mozambique lost more than half of its elephants due to hunting since 2009, the World Bank’s decision to fund this sport has been questioned. Is hunting the best way to save the animals on the brink of genocide?

At the end of 2014, the World Bank funded US $ 46 million for Mozambique – one of the poorest countries in the world. For tourism development and poverty reduction, of which US $ 700,000 is dedicated to the hunting of elephants and lions.

Meanwhile, poaching for ivory for black markets in Asia caused the number of elephants in Mozambique to plummet. Many poor countries in Africa have long considered hunting as a way to finance wildlife protection.

Despite the fact that the rhino in Zimbabwe did not escape extinction in 2013. In contrast, Botswana and Kenya have decided to ban large-scale hunting in the face of declining numbers of elephants and animals. In these two countries. The view that hunting animals is a conservation strategy still faces mixed opinions.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho săn thú

According to a World Bank spokesman, hunting will be an important tool for sustainable management of protected areas and natural resources. However, many other ideas that profit from sports hunting is not enough to motivate poor communities. Especially in the context of corruption in some countries.

Organizations like the World Bank should recognize that killing animals is an unethical, unethical practice and cannot be considered conservation.

The idea of ​​using wildlife sustainably has been mentioned in the Convention on Biological Diversity. It is a treaty aimed at developing national strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Accordingly, humans are allowed to benefit from animals provided that they do not affect the number of individuals and their habitats.

To date, there has never been a comprehensive study to calculate profits and prove that the industry can provide significant benefits to the communities living there. And more importantly, how much of the total benefit will reach the locals after passing the government?

The strange sport of animals maybe you do not know

In order to find new things, people know how to combine sports with familiar animals to create new sports that bring a different feeling.

Sport is often known as a way to exercise health and to find relaxing moments for us, but not only people need sports. In order to find new things, people know how to combine sports with familiar animals to create new sports that bring a different feeling.

Pigeons are a familiar bird, sticking with humans spread over thousands of years of history. In the past, when telecommunications were not developed, people used them as a means of communication. But pigeons not only act as peacemakers or postmen, but they are also trained to be great riders. This is a sport born in China since the Ming Dynasty, and until now, it is becoming popular in many countries around the world.

Along with pigeons, dogs are always close friends and loyal to humans. And to show their affection, they organized a dance competition for these 4-legged friends. The dogs will dance with their owners to find the best couple.

The horse riding sport called Buzkashi in Tajikistan is currently very popular in the rural areas of this Central Asian country, especially on the occasion of New Year. This is a traditional sport currently held throughout the rural areas of Tajikistan. According to the rules of the game, the riders will scramble for the body of a goat weighing about 70kg. This sport requires the participants to have the skills, speed and power of the horse. Buzkashi can be played as a team or individually.

Polo is a popular sport, to be played at the Olympics. But contrary to the image of players playing on horses, the guides from the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan use Tibetan cows. People call this Yak Polo. However, the way of playing and the rules of Yak Polo is similar to the traditional Polo.

In October every year, people of Chonburi province, Thailand often organize a traditional buffalo racing festival with the belief of a bumper crop. This is a tradition more than 140 years ago. The buffaloes chosen should be healthy, large, well-cared buffalo, even beers beer to increase their energies on the track. To help the buffalo run faster, the driver usually sits on the side and whips with determination to expect his buffalo to win the race.

Everything you should know about dog racing (Part 2)

Appearance characteristics

Greyhound is one of the fastest animals on the land, with a tall and thin body, a slim body, a well-built chest, a thin belly and strong long legs.

They range in height from 68 – 76 cm and weigh only 27 – 36 kg. With a body of this size that helps them have a very fast and far jump speed, their average running speed reaches 63 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed when accelerating up to 70 km per hour.

Greyhound has a small head and a narrow head, a long snout, a high neck and slightly curved, small ears that are usually folded in half of the ears, ears only slightly raised when they appear happy, this dog has a Tapered, elongated tails, their tails act as a set of brakes and steering wheels.

Greyhound dogs have a short coat that covers the body, smooth and rough hair, Greyhound has a variety of different colors, their fur can be only 1 black, white, brown or yellow brown and also other colors such as brindle and some plaid colors mixed between white, brown, black, etc.

Personality traits

Greyhound is a popular pet in families due to its gentle and intelligent nature, which is very affectionate and loyal to their owners, they also treat pets and other dogs well, they are only wary of strangers.

Greyhound are very sensitive, calm and obedient, they are easy to train and should not be disciplined or tempered with them because this species is sensitive to the attitude of its owner. Agile and hardworking, pets will know how to help and protect their owners.

Take care of

Greyhound dogs are very easy to take care of, they are suitable to live outside the yard with a comfortable space to move and exercise, this dog is quite sensitive to cold weather so need to keep them warm when it is sunny. cold. Their short fur is very easy to care for, just brushing and cleaning when needed.

Horse racing festival in Melbourne, Australia

In the port city of Melbourne (Australia), there is a unique horse racing festival in the country of kangaroos. The festival attracts many people and visitors.

This is an annual event that takes place on the first Tuesday of November each year. In particular, the Melbourne Cup – the largest activity of the four days of the Melbourne Racing Carnival – is held on November 5 at Flemington racecourse.

On November 4, the whole port city became more bustling by a parade before the opening ceremony with the participation of numerous locals and international tourists.

Melbourne Cup là gì

24 racing horses have the opportunity to become the main characters of the large parade, which takes place along the Swanton road to the Federation square in central Melbourne just before the race officially takes place one day.

To have the opportunity to see their idols, thousands of fans lined up on the street creating a jubilant and bustling atmosphere.

An Australian student said: “Not only the people of Melbourne, but even our international students are looking forward to seeing which horse wins.”

The winning cup, made of 18-carat gold, was also marched across Swanston Road, towards Federation Square – where the parade closed and waited for which horse to win the race.

Cuộc đua có phần thưởng trị giá lớn

With a unique culture, unique atmosphere and jubilant atmosphere, the Melbourne Racing Carnival will leave a deep impression among the people of Melbourne, Australia and international visitors. Every year, at 3pm on the first Tuesday of November, the Melbourne Cup horse race is held and the whole Australia is shut down for three and a half minutes.

This is an annual event that takes place on the first Tuesday of November each year. In particular, the Melbourne Cup – the largest activity of the four days of the Melbourne Racing Carnival – is held on November 5 at Flemington racecourse.

The race is broadcast live to about 650 million people worldwide.