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Learn about the interesting Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska, USA

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race (also known as Iditarod) has been held in Alaska (USA) every year since 1973 for racers with 16-dog sled over long distances plus 1,161 miles (1,868 km) from Anchorage to Nome.

This race is to commemorate the journey through the history of medicine to Nome to save people in 1925 when the diphtheria epidemic raged here. Iditarod is considered the most difficult race to test the maximum stamina of humans and sled dogs.

In the race journey, the racers and their dogs have to go through extreme weather challenges ( the temperature drops to minus many degrees Celsius), physical strength (exhausted after many days of racing), and spirit. The record for this track is currently held by Martin Buser with the time record of 8 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 2 seconds, set in 2002.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has been held in Alaska (USA) every year

The greyhounds were born and raised on professional dog ranches in North America. When the transport and transportation functions in the snow and ice areas have been taken care of by specialized mechanics, these camps focus on training dogs and mushers – the coachman – to serve races such as the Iditarod Trail.

A group of dogs pulled on the Kuskokwim River towards Mc Grath, Alaska. During the cold season, the river freezes on the surface and becomes the ideal path of transportation for flocks of dogs.

On this snow-white track, the team had to cross the slippery slopes

Seen from above, the track for the racing team created by snowplows is as beautiful as the lines drawn from smooth curves. A resting place on the slopes of the racing races. Musher sleeps in mobile shacks, while dogs lie on a straw spread outdoors.

In areas with heavy snowfall like Crople, snowplows must form zones for dogs to rest. Scrape off the cold snow above, and warm straws that are exposed to the ground will make the dogs more comfortable.

The 40th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from March 3-19, 2012 with the promotion of 25-year-old Dallas Seavey, has surpassed both his father and grandfather to become The youngest racer who wins the Iditarod tournament, along with 9 dogs.

The prize for Seavey is 50,000 USD and a new truck. In Iditarod, racers along with the dogs have to pass nearly 1,800km long distances in extreme wild Alaskan weather. Here are other pictures of the Iditarod sled dog racing season 2012 and some other races around the world.

8 adventurous sports for dogs (Part 1)

Sure, you can play games with your dog in the backyard and call it a day. But if you really want to increase your child’s workout and mental stimulation, get her involved in some extreme dog sports.

Many dog ​​sports have organizations or training classes that you can take part in, where you can practice but also make some new friends, both dogs and people.

For owners, this is a great opportunity to meet other owners, learn from the experience and enjoy a social activity, according to Doug Ljungren, executive vice president of Sports Club & Events of American Club. In addition, the more you interact with your dog with others, the better she is socialized.

Which dog is right for your dog?

Not sure what special dog sports go? Check out a few videos on social media to get acquainted with the events first, and then attend an event, introducing Ljungren.

Before starting any dog ​​sport, you should always discuss your plans with your veterinarian. They will be able to make decisions about your dog’s age and health so you can be sure they will overcome the challenge.

Many high-impact sports dogs, who require sharp turns, speed and sharp jumps, such as agility and balloons often require a dog to be at least 12-15 months old, he explains. Ljungren also said that you would want your dog to have knowledge of basic commands.

The most important thing about this sport is that you and your dog are enjoying it, regardless of whether you are the best or not.

In scuba diving, dogs compete to jump the highest or longest into a pool. In the remote case, you throw the dog’s favorite toy into the water and on your command, it runs down to the dock and jumps into the water to get the toy.

Some dogs can jump 5 or 6 feet, while others can jump 20 feet or more.

In the lure of the lure, the dog chases a white plastic bag attached to a muscle around an open field. Dogs must be able to keep an eye on the bait as it spins in all directions and, of course, makes sharp turns as they follow it. They are judged on their ability to follow their appeal as well as their speed, agility, and endurance.

Everything you should know about dog racing (Part 2)

Appearance characteristics

Greyhound is one of the fastest animals on the land, with a tall and thin body, a slim body, a well-built chest, a thin belly and strong long legs.

They range in height from 68 – 76 cm and weigh only 27 – 36 kg. With a body of this size that helps them have a very fast and far jump speed, their average running speed reaches 63 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed when accelerating up to 70 km per hour.

Greyhound has a small head and a narrow head, a long snout, a high neck and slightly curved, small ears that are usually folded in half of the ears, ears only slightly raised when they appear happy, this dog has a Tapered, elongated tails, their tails act as a set of brakes and steering wheels.

Greyhound dogs have a short coat that covers the body, smooth and rough hair, Greyhound has a variety of different colors, their fur can be only 1 black, white, brown or yellow brown and also other colors such as brindle and some plaid colors mixed between white, brown, black, etc.

Personality traits

Greyhound is a popular pet in families due to its gentle and intelligent nature, which is very affectionate and loyal to their owners, they also treat pets and other dogs well, they are only wary of strangers.

Greyhound are very sensitive, calm and obedient, they are easy to train and should not be disciplined or tempered with them because this species is sensitive to the attitude of its owner. Agile and hardworking, pets will know how to help and protect their owners.

Take care of

Greyhound dogs are very easy to take care of, they are suitable to live outside the yard with a comfortable space to move and exercise, this dog is quite sensitive to cold weather so need to keep them warm when it is sunny. cold. Their short fur is very easy to care for, just brushing and cleaning when needed.

Everything you should know about dog racing (Part 1)

Dog racing is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world and is particularly famous in European countries. Recently, this hobby has been introduced to many countries and created a new fever for the dog racing community.

Dog race track

Depending on the geographical region, different climatic conditions, Dog Tracks are designed to be constructed of different textures and materials. Currently, there are 03 popular types of Dog Track in the world including Grass track, Sand track, Iron track.

Grass race track

This is a popular course, the course is paved with grass so that dogs can run more easily

Sand race track

The surface of the yard is sanded, making the dog’s running speed decrease, the dogs with superior strength will dominate.

Iron race track

Immediately the surface of the racetrack was paved, dog owners need to wrap or wrap cloth in the paws of the dogs carefully to avoid slipping or large friction causing injury.

Formula of dog racing

Unlike other types of racing, Dog Racing does not distinguish by weight or form, but based on their current performance. From the lowest rank is D rank, however, dogs will have to start from C rank to participate in the race and will have to win 3 consecutive rounds to be promoted to the next rank, until reaching A rank, they will be upgraded up to AA and AAA, etc.

Greyhound is known to be very fast and strong, they are loved by speed racing enthusiasts.

From the hunting dog, Greyhound has been popularly developed into a dynamic family pet with friendly and affectionate nature. Find out detailed information about Greyhound dog breed.

The origin

Greyhound is an ancient breed found in Europe in the Middle Ages, the breed was popularly developed in England, which is very popular with the nobility because of its ability to race at a speed. Great, this dog line has become famous in European dog racing courses.

This breed was brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers and British colonists, and here, the breed has been used to hunt for prey, especially hunting coyotes in North America. In 1885, the Greyhound was recognized as the oldest dog breed in the world by the American Kennel Association.