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How to stop the dog barking when meeting a stranger

Barks are the way dogs communicate with you. As an owner, you can appreciate a dog barking to warn that someone is at the door.

But excessive barking or barking at strangers may indicate that your dog is not trusting or comfortable with new people. Using training methods to control dogs’ barking is important so that it does not act excessively aggressively with others.

Dogs often bark at sovereignty when meeting strangers. This bark indicates that the dog is scared and sees strangers as a potential threat. They are anxious to protect their territory. So they will use barking when they see strangers in familiar places like their home and yard.

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In fact, your dog may bark at such an excessive threat that you will not hear your request to stop barking or any scolding you may give him. Even if you use strict penalties to stop a dog from barking, it will still try to control its territory by biting someone.

Most dog experts agree that yelling, yelling, or even hitting a dog because barking can actually make them bark more. If your dog barks because of fear or anxiety, the punishment will only add to the stress in the dog. Instead of that, train your dog to respond appropriately to strangers, and bark only when necessary.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chó sủa

Some owners may want to use a muzzle to prevent dogs from barking. Usually, a bark collar should be a last resort, not a first option. A bark and muzzle collar is not as effective as proper dog training and can lead to other behavioral problems.

It is important to address dogs’ barking by creating an environment that restricts their vision to others. Keep curtains or blinds all day long when dogs are at home. You can also make a baby’s port so that your dog cannot enter rooms with large windows where he can look out.