The 13-year-old Kangaroo to be rescued

The Australian bushfire disaster is no longer a problem in Australia alone, but it has become a global phenomenon. In those mortal moments, he felt sorry for witnessing a series of dead Kangaroo uncle.

The 13-year-old Kangaroo was rescued and fell into the embrace of thanks to make everyone touched. Australia and Australia are not new to wildfires. Burning in pastures because these fires partly increase soil fertility, as long as it can be controlled in time.

However, 2019 is considered to be a record hot year in Australia, the average temperature increases by more than 1.5 degrees C. Increasing temperatures will increase the risk of wildfires, plus the strong winds that cause continuous fires. It’s continues to spread. Since September 2019, Australia has been suffering from a series of terrible fires across the country.

At the moment, almost everywhere in Australia there’s a fire. But the most violent was the southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, with a total of 6 million hectares of burnt land. The record fire has left many mourning for this kangaroo country.

Not only that, the whole world was shocked when Chris Dickman – an ecologist at the University of Sydney. They announced the figure of nearly half a billion animals in Australia died from wildfires.

Notably, according to the Daily Mail provides video recorded on 5/1 when people return to the town of Batlow in rural New South Wales. Thousands of koalas, kangaroos and burnt sheep are found along the road leading to the town of Batlow. In particular, the sight of a kangaroo appears to be begging for the help of an extremely emotional boy.

In addition, Kangaroo Island is a popular tourist destination off the coast of South Australia, home to many wildlife species, including koalas. Rescuers say the number of healthy Kangaroo on the island of the same name has halved due to wildfires. And right now, the Kangaroo uncle is more concerned than ever.