Author: Ruben Chambers

Watching sports competitions in the animal world

Changing the environment from wildlife to farm life can cause stress in animals, leading to negative reactions. That’s why people have created many sports for them to relieve stress.

There were many horses that liked to play football with their owners, so a soccer game for horses was born. The horses are controlled by the hands to put the ball into the net of your team.

Turkey’s western waters are the birthplace of the traditional camel game. The big camels will wrestle with each other on the ground of the ground. A wrestling match between two camels is often extremely funny, because it seems that the camel was born without the “gifted” to become boxers.

Camel wrestling takes place in the outdoor arena like bullfights. The one who is defeated is the camel who is ridden on by the opponent.

But sometimes matches don’t go as smoothly as expected because many “bad” camels use their teeth to bite the opponent. While this is a violation of competition rules.

Central island park Koh Samui, Thailand is currently training 6-year-old Malie and 9-year-old Toktak to use the tap to perform beautiful basketball moves.

This activity is to improve their fitness. The staff at the center said that the two elephants undergo rigorous training to learn the basic rules of the sport.

Initially, the coach taught them ball control skills and how to hold the ball with a tap. Two elephants, after training, were able to stand on their hind legs, move with the ball and throw the ball through the basket.

Not a chicken or buffalo fighting game but a dog contest. This is a violent sport and is currently banned in many developed countries. This entertainment is popular in Afghanistan, generating revenue from breeding, entrance tickets and betting.

The sports that are involved by animals (Part 1)

We have a love and respect for animals and do not accept or support animal cruelty in any way.

But as a blog says reports about everything strange in the world that humans live in, you should know about one of the craziest ways animals are being used for sports all over the world. You will see, it is not true that some animals are being mistreated when participating in sports activities with humans!

Elephant Polo

Elephant polo is a variation of polo (custard) playing while riding an elephant. Here, you ride on a giant elephant rather than a horse! It is played in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rajasthan (India), and Thailand.

Horse kicks the ball

This is real! Stress can cause a range of negative reactions and fears in animals, and even meek animals that have been domesticated in a captive environment make them uninterested.

Scientists have realized the negative effects of stress on horses, and a group of equine owners decided to create a game to reduce stress for it. That’s how horse play football was invented.

So amazing! Horses also like to play football alone or with their riders. They are instructed to kick or move the balls towards the team’s goal. Their sound emits so much fun!

Ferret legging

This strange sport is a test of “stamina” of the participants, even if you are bitten, you must try hard and the rules of this sport are quite tight!

The player will be put a weasel in the pants, then the pants are tightened on the back and ankles so that the weasel cannot escape, the contestant stands in front of the jury, and so on. caused by the weasel’s razor-sharp teeth and teeth trying to escape for as long as possible, if it were to be the winner.

Other regulations state that participants must not be drunk and weasels should not be sedated. In addition, ferrets must have adequate teeth and especially not be abrasive or blunt.

Bullfighting – a sport filled with Spanish culture

Currently, bullfighting is very popular in Spain with thousands of people flocking to the local arena every week. According to estimates, the annual total number of people watching bullfighting in Spain reaches one million.

Bullfighting was originally a sport for the aristocracy and players will compete on horseback. However, King Felipe V has banned the participation of them.

After the ban was issued, bullfighting became a sport for civilians and because they could not afford to buy horses, they developed the skill to dodge bulls with their feet. This important transition took place around 1724.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đấu bò

First, cows will be released into the arena. The bullfighters, called Matador, will then watch their assistants wave the yellow and bright red cape in front of the bull to lure it into attack. The warriors perform this observation step to know the characteristics and mood of the bull before entering the official battle.

When the match started, the trumpet sounded, many gladiators called Picadores would weaken the cow by stabbing spears into it. This process takes about 10 minutes.

After that, another trumpet sounded and Matador began the faena phase – the final stage of the bullfight. The faena stage is the most beautiful and skillful part of the fight, it requires the Matador to prove his courage and artistry.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đấu bò

Basically, bullfighting is considered the dance of death. Just one wrong move, the Matador will pay with his life. Their job is to make the match dramatic and interesting for the audience.

The Matador can receive rewards and titles from the president based on their skills when playing with cows. The crowd of spectators often encouraged the president to give the title to the heroes by waving white handkerchiefs.

They would continue to wave until the warriors threw the received title to the audience. In response, the crowd will throw flowers into the ring to appreciate the performance of the heroes.

The strange sport of animals

In order to find new things, people know how to combine sports with familiar animals to create new games that bring a different feeling.

Sport is often known as a way to exercise health and to find relaxing moments for us, but not only people need sports. In order to find new things, people know how to combine sports with familiar animals to create new games that bring a different feeling.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Pigeons are a familiar bird, sticking with humans spread over thousands of years of history. In the past, when telecommunications was not developed, people used them as a means of communication. But pigeons not only act as peacemakers or postmen, but they are also trained to be great riders. This is a sport born in China since the Ming Dynasty, and until now, it is becoming popular in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Along with pigeons, dogs are always close friends and loyal to humans. And to show their affection, they organized a dance competition for these 4-legged friends. The dogs will dance with their owners to find the best couple.

The horse riding sport called Buzkashi in Tajikistan is currently very popular in the rural areas of this Central Asian country, especially on the occasion of New Year. This is a traditional sport currently held throughout the rural areas of Tajikistan.

According to the rules of the game, the riders will scramble for the body of a goat weighing about 70kg. This sport requires the participants to have the skills, speed and power of the horse. Buzkashi can be played as a team or individually.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho môn thể thao kỳ lạ của động vật

Polo is a popular sport, to be played at the Olympics. But contrary to the image of players playing on horses, the guides from the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan use Tibetan cows. People call this Yak Polo. However, the way of playing and the rules of Yak Polo is similar to the traditional Polo.

In October every year, people of Chonburi province, Thailand often organize a traditional buffalo racing festival with the belief of a good harvest. This is a tradition more than 140 years ago.