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Everything you should know about dog racing (Part 1)

Dog racing is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world and is particularly famous in European countries. Recently, this hobby has been introduced to many countries and created a new fever for the dog racing community.

Dog race track

Depending on the geographical region, different climatic conditions, Dog Tracks are designed to be constructed of different textures and materials. Currently, there are 03 popular types of Dog Track in the world including Grass track, Sand track, Iron track.

Grass race track

This is a popular course, the course is paved with grass so that dogs can run more easily

Sand race track

The surface of the yard is sanded, making the dog’s running speed decrease, the dogs with superior strength will dominate.

Iron race track

Immediately the surface of the racetrack was paved, dog owners need to wrap or wrap cloth in the paws of the dogs carefully to avoid slipping or large friction causing injury.

Formula of dog racing

Unlike other types of racing, Dog Racing does not distinguish by weight or form, but based on their current performance. From the lowest rank is D rank, however, dogs will have to start from C rank to participate in the race and will have to win 3 consecutive rounds to be promoted to the next rank, until reaching A rank, they will be upgraded up to AA and AAA, etc.

Greyhound is known to be very fast and strong, they are loved by speed racing enthusiasts.

From the hunting dog, Greyhound has been popularly developed into a dynamic family pet with friendly and affectionate nature. Find out detailed information about Greyhound dog breed.

The origin

Greyhound is an ancient breed found in Europe in the Middle Ages, the breed was popularly developed in England, which is very popular with the nobility because of its ability to race at a speed. Great, this dog line has become famous in European dog racing courses.

This breed was brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers and British colonists, and here, the breed has been used to hunt for prey, especially hunting coyotes in North America. In 1885, the Greyhound was recognized as the oldest dog breed in the world by the American Kennel Association.

Ideal work for animal lovers

There are many professions that help animal lovers to realize their passion. You can rely on the recommendations of the JobsGO recruiting app to decide on the ideal jobs related to your interests.

You can take a pet grooming course or apprenticeship at a pet store to gain experience. After you have had experience in taking care of a pet, you can always work at a pet store. Or you can open your own pet store.

Nowadays, keeping pets is very popular in big cities. But due to their busy work, they will have less time to take care of their pets. Therefore, the need to search for pet caregivers becomes very necessary. Therefore, the ideal job opportunity for those who take care of pets is huge.

The ideal job for animal lovers must be followed by a pet trainer. There is no official requirement for this job so anyone with a love for animals and patience can work to become a pet trainer.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

However, you also need to have some basic educational knowledge to make a dream come true. You can read books about how to train animals and take practical training courses. Train your skills well to teach owners how to train their pets in the most professional way.

One of the first jobs that enters the minds of animal lovers is a veterinarian. Veterinarians will have to work with a variety of animals. Including pets, pets, zoo animals, wildlife.

The work of a veterinarian is primarily related to health. Specifically, vaccinations, wound care for animals, assisted reproduction … In addition, if you are a research enthusiast, you can work at research centers to develop. Methods and medicines for animals.

As an animal lover, there is probably no job more fun and interesting than taking photos for pets. This is self-employment work time, full-time or part-time. You can work for a pet store or run your own business. To make sure this works well, prepare your pet a lot of beautiful clothes and cute designs for their fur.

When sports stars compete with animals

Super fisherman Michael Phelps has caused a stir with the shark competition. However, it is still a fantasy race, because it is a shark on the computer. Real people, to be honest, must mention other unprecedented contests.

In January 2003, the star ran 100m and 200m American, Shawn Crawford racing speed with not one but two animals including giraffes and zebras. These two rare races are on the show “Man vs Beast” of Fox TV.

Both races have a distance of 100m, on dirt roads. Between the Crawford runway and the giraffe trail, the zebra has a metal fence separating it. At the first race, Crawford easily defeated giraffes. The giraffe has long legs but is weak so it is far behind Crawford.

The 2nd race is much more balanced. Zebra crossing goal before narrow distance Crawford. Crawford did not submit, the zebra element cheat comes before him. The star has a nickname “Reporter” to retake the exam. This time, Crawford gained an advantage right after the starting command. But in the end, Crawford still had to say hello with a thin achievement gap: 10.86 seconds compared to 9.86 seconds.

In 2007, South African rugby star Bryan Habana ran with the Cheetah newspaper. Habana is considered one of the fastest stars in the world rugby village. And the Cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet.

This race was organized with the purpose of reminding people about the danger of extinction of the Cheetah newspaper. Even so, Habana still has a lot of blood. To make the race more fair, Cheetah newspaper accepted Habana 30m: Habana only had to run 70m while Cheetah newspaper ran 100m. Accepted 30m is a great advantage with a distance of 100m. But Habana is still defeated by Cheetah.

In 1999, American wrestler Dominic Menaldi, though only, weighed 130kg and bravely challenged a 360k gray bear named Dakota. Dakota the bear must be coaxed forever to enter the nest, play a little left out, again must be coaxed forever to the new nest, play a little left out. Just like that, this fight is over now but it is not even possible to win.

Menaldi confided that he challenged the bear to impress his girlfriend. Menaldi’s “Bear” then reminded him: “Don’t be foolish to wrestle with another bear!”

In 2008, Fernando Torres competed in football with a German shepherd on a Spanish television show. This dog named Hank is very agile and skillful, successfully blocking a series of Torres scoring efforts.

Visit Monkey Mia in Western Australia to play with wild dolphins

About 900 km north of Perth, Western Australia, Monkey Mia is especially famous for its interactive experience with wild dolphins. They always visit every day so this is considered the best place in the world that visitors can access dolphins. Traveling destinations in Australia are really ideal for enjoying a leisurely vacation and exciting adventure feelings.

Shark Bay World Heritage Site is home to many aquatic animals. For example, there are many species such as dolphins, dugongs, rays, turtles and 17 mammals such as humpback whales, 98 reptiles, amphibians, over 230 species of birds.

Đến Monkey Mia ở Tây Úc chơi đùa cùng cá heo hoang dã

And Monkey Mia at the marine park – Australia’s largest coast when more than 1,500km long is part of Shark Bay. What attracts a large number of Australian tourists visiting Monkey Mia is the bottlenose dolphin living near the shore for decades.

Wild bottlenose dolphins often swim near the edge to interact with humans up to three times a day. Especially in the early morning, around the time they are fed by volunteers.

Visitors can stand at the edge of the water and feed the dolphins under staff supervision, but touching or swimming with them is prohibited. It is estimated that between four and seven dolphins are confident enough to visit each day for food, others only occasionally. However, on cruises sightseeing around the bay, you can easily catch them waving the sea.

Đến Monkey Mia ở Tây Úc chơi đùa cùng cá heo hoang dã

Shell beach is also known as a shell beach because the coast is completely covered with shells with a thickness of up to 10m. Shell beach is one of only two beaches in the world where shells replace sand. That’s like a beautiful picture given by nature. Billions of seashells formed from the seabed over millions of years stretching all over the Shell coast.

Coming to Shell beach on a bright golden day, watching each wave dancing offshore amidst the unique scenery is an interesting experience when traveling Australia.

When animals become airport security staff

Using animals to ensure flight safety is a measure many international airports around the world apply. For the past 2 years, Los Angeles Airport, USA has provided dogs using psychotherapy services for customers for free.

Dogs walk along the airport security area to reassure worried passengers. Last month the dogs were commended by the Los Angeles City government.

Olly cat has become a mascot for many years in Manchester airport, England. Over the same years, Olly lived between Hall 1 and Hall 3 of the airport and was looked after by airport staff.

Khi động vật trở thành nhân viên an ninh sân bay - ảnh 2

She also has a Facebook page with 2,500 friends and has an airplane called Olly. Sadly, Olly’s cat died earlier this year from pneumonia. Olly was built for a memorial stele at the airport.

One of the most frightening threats to airplanes is the birds. In the US, there are about 14,000 bird attacks each year.

If falconers are used at the airport, they are tasked with directing foreign birds from obstructing flights during take-off and landing. The great advantage of eagles is that they can cover in a wide space.

During the pilot program at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA, the government began using livestock herds at the airport to maintain the vegetation.

Khi động vật trở thành nhân viên an ninh sân bay - ảnh 6

The herd includes 40 goats, sheep, and llamas from Settlers Pond, an animal rescue center in Beecher, Illinois. Karen Pride, the communications director of the company, said the use of herds as a substitute for spraying toxic herbicides.

Israel’s Tamar Security is developing an explosive detection system thanks to mice. Yuval Amsterdam, deputy director of the security firm, said the benefits of using mice are because they have a good sense of smell. They are so small that they are easy to transport and train. When used at the airport, rats will sniff passengers and luggage to find explosives and other banned substances.

Explore the unique camel wrestling festival in Turkey

The Selcuk-Efes camel wrestling festival is a unique traditional Turkey festival dating back more than 2,400 years ago. It is an opportunity for two male camels to find a way to defeat the opponent to show off in front of the female camel.

Camels participate in wrestling at the Pamucak arena during the annual Selcuk-Efes camel wrestling festival in the town of Selcuk, Turkey. On the third Sunday of each January, the people of Selcuk in Turkey gather to experience the camel wrestling tournament according to the unique local tradition.

The Selcuk camel wrestling festival in Turkey dates back over 2400 years and originates from nomadic Turkic tribes. With the participation of dozens of camels and thousands of spectators, the festival takes place about 7 km from Selcuk in western Turkey and can last until March.

The male camel fights for the female camel and seeks to defeat the opponent to win.

Camel wrestling is a sport in which two male Tulu (hybrid camels) wrestle to separate the high and low before the female camel is led through their nose. 

Like boxing, camels of the same weight class will wrestle with each other. Camel wrestling is most common in the Aegean region of Turkey but can also be found in Marmara and the Mediterranean.

The day before the festival, the camels get dressed and march through town with the musicians. It is estimated that Turkey has about 1,200 camel wrestlers of the genus Tulu camel. They are bred specifically for competitions.

There are three ways to determine a winning camel when they cause the opponent to scream, retreat or fall.

Turkey’s camel wrestling tournament hosts more than 30 events across the country and lasts from November to March.

Camels also wrestle in the wild. Nomads were the first to organize camel wrestling. This sport has been criticized by animal protection organizations.

Selcuk City has asked the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to include camel wrestling on the World Heritage list because of its historical and cultural significance to the region.

Around the world there are many new and unique festivals, the Turkish camel wrestling festival is one of them. If you have the opportunity to travel to Turkey, do not miss this unique festival.

Travel Dubai to admire Meydan racecourse

Dubai is known as a very rich kingdom. This is a tourist destination that everyone wants to come to in life. This is not only famous for destinations. Dubai tourist attractions also bring you interesting experiences with the most outstanding works.

We invite you to visit the Meydan Racecourse – an extremely unique tourist destination. Meydan Racecourse is one of the Dubai tourist attractions that attracts the attention of a large number of international visitors.

The racetrack was opened in 2010, known as the most expensive and largest place in the world. The location of the racetrack is located in Meydan, Dubai City, United Arab Emirates.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đua ngựa đubai

According to estimates, the cost to conduct the construction of the racetrack is about $ 1.5 billion. Meydan racecourse can accommodate up to 60 thousand people. In March each year, there is often the Dubai World Cup horse racing. If you travel to Dubai to visit this place, you will feel the originality and attractiveness here with full service, the largest in the world.

In addition, in the racetrack there are hotels and accommodation rooms of high-class, museums, marinas on horse racing are very much interested by visitors. Most visitors to the resort will participate or watch the most luxurious horse racing.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đua ngựa đubai

In addition to 2 racetrack, Meydan racecourse also has 290 more hotels of the highest class, the museum stores data related to horse racing, beautiful marina that you cannot ignore when traveling. Dubai. The whole project is located on the premises of the capital Meydan. It has also become the center of many powerful companies around the world.

For people in Dubai, Meydan racecourse is considered a symbol and pride. It is also here that often hosts many different national and international tournaments. When coming to Dubai, visitors will be immersed in the exciting race absolutely free.

Traditional Pakistani bull racing

Bull racing has a history of hundreds of years in Pakistan. As usual, every winter after the harvest is completed, people in many parts of the country organize exciting races for people to have fun and relax. At the same time, they maintain a long-standing culture.

If you think surfing, skiing are adventure sports, then you’ve probably never seen a bull race in Pakistan. Every year, tens of thousands of people gather in the annual bull race in Pakistan.

This is a big festival, held in rural areas and attracts a lot of attendees because of the breathtaking thrill of the bull race. Watching live bulls doesn’t seem very interesting.

But if they drag a man behind, slide on a board and try to control the cows in the right direction. Then it is a good race.

The traditional bull racing festival attracts the participation of many farmers from neighboring provinces where the race takes place. They bring the fastest, strongest cows in the hope of winning first place.

It seemed that the bull riders were hovering their lives on the wooden board, unconsciously dragged by the two cows ahead. It is important for the contestant to keep his or her balance during the 350m long race track, while the outside audience screams and hits the bulls with a cane.

Not stopping there, they also placed two pillars 10m from the goal and asked the riders to control the crawl through. If they have not completed this obstacle or flip game, they are deemed to be disqualified.

This 50-year-old traditional festival usually recruits 40 to 50 pairs of cows to join. All stood in a long queue before starting. Cash prize of US $ 1,000 will be for the winner. However, it seems that this amount cannot compensate for the cost of riders taking care of their cows for a year. That is, people do not come to this competition for money, but it is a traditional culture

The sports that are involved by animals (Part 2)

Cow Fighting

Switzerland is famous for the traditional “bullfighting” event. Unlike the usual bullfighting that humans will fight bulls, there is actually a fight between two cows.

Each match can last up to 40 minutes. Similar events took place in Haute-Savoie (France), in the Aosta Valley of Italy and Artvin (Turkey).

Camel Wrestling

Turkey’s west coast has a tradition of camel wrestling. The tournament brings together champions from villages together in a dusty stadium.

This is a war, but it looks more like a comic because the interesting thing that camel athletes bring is that they are not born with a fight.

Very funny! Before the match, a female camel will be led across 2 “gladiators” to stimulate their fighting spirit. The appearance of “beautiful people” makes two male camels so attractive and seductive to the foam of the nose, mouth and perhaps the audience will watch the show of strength between them and the “dream man”.

Roller Pigeon Competition

The dove is a domesticated pigeon, which can roll upside down while in the air or on the ground. Some rolling pigeons can curl up at a fast rate so you look like a bird feather ball.

They are selected varieties with length, height and quality suitable to compete.

The team usually consists of 8 to 20 pigeons. During the competition, the winning birds were judged based on many factors, including sorting, simultaneous rolling, number of turns and roller quality.

Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a violent fighting game, sometimes leading to the death of poor dogs. This game is banned in most developed countries, but still popular in some countries like Afghanistan, Kazakhstan to entertain and bring big profits to the scammers.

World Snail Racing Championships

The race between two or more “snail athletes” and the snails will have to “run” on a circle with a radius of about 35 centimeters. The serial number is painted on the cover or small stickers to mark the contestants. Every year, many snail events take place all over the world, but in the UK is the most popular.

Sport is often known as a way to keep people healthy, but animals are no exception. You can also find relaxing moments for yourself when watching them perform. But do not forget respect!

Watching sports competitions in the animal world

Changing the environment from wildlife to farm life can cause stress in animals, leading to negative reactions. That’s why people have created many sports for them to relieve stress.

There were many horses that liked to play football with their owners, so a soccer game for horses was born. The horses are controlled by the hands to put the ball into the net of your team.

Turkey’s western waters are the birthplace of the traditional camel game. The big camels will wrestle with each other on the ground of the ground. A wrestling match between two camels is often extremely funny, because it seems that the camel was born without the “gifted” to become boxers.

Camel wrestling takes place in the outdoor arena like bullfights. The one who is defeated is the camel who is ridden on by the opponent.

But sometimes matches don’t go as smoothly as expected because many “bad” camels use their teeth to bite the opponent. While this is a violation of competition rules.

Central island park Koh Samui, Thailand is currently training 6-year-old Malie and 9-year-old Toktak to use the tap to perform beautiful basketball moves.

This activity is to improve their fitness. The staff at the center said that the two elephants undergo rigorous training to learn the basic rules of the sport.

Initially, the coach taught them ball control skills and how to hold the ball with a tap. Two elephants, after training, were able to stand on their hind legs, move with the ball and throw the ball through the basket.

Not a chicken or buffalo fighting game but a dog contest. This is a violent sport and is currently banned in many developed countries. This entertainment is popular in Afghanistan, generating revenue from breeding, entrance tickets and betting.