Have you ever seen animals become airport security staff?

Using animals to ensure flight safety is a measure of many international airports around the world apply. For the past 2 years, Los Angeles Airport, USA has provided dogs using psychotherapy services for customers for free.

Dogs walk along the airport security area to reassure worried passengers. Last month the dogs were commended by the Los Angeles City government.

Olly cat has become a mascot for many years in Manchester airport, England. Over the same years, Olly lived between Hall 1 and Hall 3 of the airport and was looked after by airport staff.

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She also has a Facebook page with 2,500 friends and has an airplane called Olly. Sadly, Olly’s cat died earlier this year from pneumonia. Olly was built for a memorial stele at the airport.

One of the most frightening threats to airplanes is the birds. In the US, there are about 14,000 bird attacks each year.

If falconers are used at the airport, they are tasked with directing foreign birds from obstructing flights during take-off and landing. The great advantage of eagles is that they can cover in a wide space.

During the pilot program at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA, the government began using livestock herds at the airport to maintain the vegetation.

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The herd includes 40 goats, sheep, and llamas from Settlers Pond, an animal rescue center in Beecher, Illinois. Karen Pride, the communications director of the company, said the use of herds as a substitute for spraying toxic herbicides.

Israel’s Tamar Security is developing an explosive detection system thanks to mice. Yuval Amsterdam, deputy director of the security firm, said the benefits of using mice are because they have a good sense of smell. They are so small that they are easy to transport and train. When used at the airport, rats will sniff passengers and luggage to find explosives and other banned substances.