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Visit the loveliest red fox in Japan at the Zao Kitsune fox village

When it comes to foxes, many people often think of them as crafty animals like in fairy tales for children. But in fact, these are extremely intelligent and lovely animals. Therefore, in Japan there is a whole village for these mischievous and lovely foxes.

The red foxes are scattered from Asia and Europe. They are agile and quite smart predators, but are smaller in size than dogs. Besides, the red fox has the ability to adapt quickly to many different habitats. Although they are known as the red fox, they also have other hair colors such as white and black.


The red foxes often live in pairs or small groups like a family. The young foxes will be trained very carefully by their parents in hunting skills. The red foxes mostly eat small rodents like mice, or they can catch rabbits, chickens and other reptiles.

The red foxes also eat fruits and vegetables to add fiber. The traditional enemies of the red fox are larger predators such as wolves, golden jackals and, of course, humans.

To Japanese people, foxes are intelligent animals that symbolize luck. Moreover, the snow fox is the representative mascot of the god Inari Okami. He is regarded as the protector of agriculture, commerce, sake, and tea of ​​the Japanese. Therefore, they love and appreciate this adorable four-legged animal.


Zao Kitsune Fox Village was founded in early 1990 in the city of Shiroishi in Japan. At first, this was a sanctuary dedicated to such rare foxes. The red foxes here are very gentle and lovely and have attracted many tourists to visit this village. Visitors can have fun, take photos with the foxes or buy food packages for 100 yen and then feed them.

But the red foxes are still wildlife, so wear protective gloves when feeding them. Despite being released into the natural environment, the red foxes are still fully vaccinated every year to ensure their health and the visitors visit. In addition, after the trip, visitors can also buy stuffed foxes as souvenirs when coming to this village.