When sports stars compete with animals

Super fisherman Michael Phelps has caused a stir with the shark competition. However, it is still a fantasy race, because it is a shark on the computer. Real people, to be honest, must mention other unprecedented contests.

In January 2003, the star ran 100m and 200m American, Shawn Crawford racing speed with not one but two animals including giraffes and zebras. These two rare races are on the show “Man vs Beast” of Fox TV.

Both races have a distance of 100m, on dirt roads. Between the Crawford runway and the giraffe trail, the zebra has a metal fence separating it. At the first race, Crawford easily defeated giraffes. The giraffe has long legs but is weak so it is far behind Crawford.

The 2nd race is much more balanced. Zebra crossing goal before narrow distance Crawford. Crawford did not submit, the zebra element cheat comes before him. The star has a nickname “Reporter” to retake the exam. This time, Crawford gained an advantage right after the starting command. But in the end, Crawford still had to say hello with a thin achievement gap: 10.86 seconds compared to 9.86 seconds.

In 2007, South African rugby star Bryan Habana ran with the Cheetah newspaper. Habana is considered one of the fastest stars in the world rugby village. And the Cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet.

This race was organized with the purpose of reminding people about the danger of extinction of the Cheetah newspaper. Even so, Habana still has a lot of blood. To make the race more fair, Cheetah newspaper accepted Habana 30m: Habana only had to run 70m while Cheetah newspaper ran 100m. Accepted 30m is a great advantage with a distance of 100m. But Habana is still defeated by Cheetah.

In 1999, American wrestler Dominic Menaldi, though only, weighed 130kg and bravely challenged a 360k gray bear named Dakota. Dakota the bear must be coaxed forever to enter the nest, play a little left out, again must be coaxed forever to the new nest, play a little left out. Just like that, this fight is over now but it is not even possible to win.

Menaldi confided that he challenged the bear to impress his girlfriend. Menaldi’s “Bear” then reminded him: “Don’t be foolish to wrestle with another bear!”

In 2008, Fernando Torres competed in football with a German shepherd on a Spanish television show. This dog named Hank is very agile and skillful, successfully blocking a series of Torres scoring efforts.