Traditional Pakistani bull racing

Bull racing has a history of hundreds of years in Pakistan. As usual, every winter after the harvest is completed, people in many parts of the country organize exciting races for people to have fun and relax. At the same time, they maintain a long-standing culture.

If you think surfing, skiing are adventure sports, then you’ve probably never seen a bull race in Pakistan. Every year, tens of thousands of people gather in the annual bull race in Pakistan.

This is a big festival, held in rural areas and attracts a lot of attendees because of the breathtaking thrill of the bull race. Watching live bulls doesn’t seem very interesting.

But if they drag a man behind, slide on a board and try to control the cows in the right direction. Then it is a good race.

The traditional bull racing festival attracts the participation of many farmers from neighboring provinces where the race takes place. They bring the fastest, strongest cows in the hope of winning first place.

It seemed that the bull riders were hovering their lives on the wooden board, unconsciously dragged by the two cows ahead. It is important for the contestant to keep his or her balance during the 350m long race track, while the outside audience screams and hits the bulls with a cane.

Not stopping there, they also placed two pillars 10m from the goal and asked the riders to control the crawl through. If they have not completed this obstacle or flip game, they are deemed to be disqualified.

This 50-year-old traditional festival usually recruits 40 to 50 pairs of cows to join. All stood in a long queue before starting. Cash prize of US $ 1,000 will be for the winner. However, it seems that this amount cannot compensate for the cost of riders taking care of their cows for a year. That is, people do not come to this competition for money, but it is a traditional culture