Watching sports competitions in the animal world

Changing the environment from wildlife to farm life can cause stress in animals, leading to negative reactions. That’s why people have created many sports for them to relieve stress.

There were many horses that liked to play football with their owners, so a soccer game for horses was born. The horses are controlled by the hands to put the ball into the net of your team.

Turkey’s western waters are the birthplace of the traditional camel game. The big camels will wrestle with each other on the ground of the ground. A wrestling match between two camels is often extremely funny, because it seems that the camel was born without the “gifted” to become boxers.

Camel wrestling takes place in the outdoor arena like bullfights. The one who is defeated is the camel who is ridden on by the opponent.

But sometimes matches don’t go as smoothly as expected because many “bad” camels use their teeth to bite the opponent. While this is a violation of competition rules.

Central island park Koh Samui, Thailand is currently training 6-year-old Malie and 9-year-old Toktak to use the tap to perform beautiful basketball moves.

This activity is to improve their fitness. The staff at the center said that the two elephants undergo rigorous training to learn the basic rules of the sport.

Initially, the coach taught them ball control skills and how to hold the ball with a tap. Two elephants, after training, were able to stand on their hind legs, move with the ball and throw the ball through the basket.

Not a chicken or buffalo fighting game but a dog contest. This is a violent sport and is currently banned in many developed countries. This entertainment is popular in Afghanistan, generating revenue from breeding, entrance tickets and betting.