The sports that are involved by animals (Part 1)

We have a love and respect for animals and do not accept or support animal cruelty in any way.

But as a blog says reports about everything strange in the world that humans live in, you should know about one of the craziest ways animals are being used for sports all over the world. You will see, it is not true that some animals are being mistreated when participating in sports activities with humans!

Elephant Polo

Elephant polo is a variation of polo (custard) playing while riding an elephant. Here, you ride on a giant elephant rather than a horse! It is played in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rajasthan (India), and Thailand.

Horse kicks the ball

This is real! Stress can cause a range of negative reactions and fears in animals, and even meek animals that have been domesticated in a captive environment make them uninterested.

Scientists have realized the negative effects of stress on horses, and a group of equine owners decided to create a game to reduce stress for it. That’s how horse play football was invented.

So amazing! Horses also like to play football alone or with their riders. They are instructed to kick or move the balls towards the team’s goal. Their sound emits so much fun!

Ferret legging

This strange sport is a test of “stamina” of the participants, even if you are bitten, you must try hard and the rules of this sport are quite tight!

The player will be put a weasel in the pants, then the pants are tightened on the back and ankles so that the weasel cannot escape, the contestant stands in front of the jury, and so on. caused by the weasel’s razor-sharp teeth and teeth trying to escape for as long as possible, if it were to be the winner.

Other regulations state that participants must not be drunk and weasels should not be sedated. In addition, ferrets must have adequate teeth and especially not be abrasive or blunt.