The cute annual dog contest in the USA on Thanksgiving

The annual dog contest is the most anticipated entertainment event for Thanksgiving in the United States, show their love for dogs.

The National Dog Festival

After a series of Thanksgiving entertainment events such as the giant Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade parade and football matches, Americans have the opportunity to watch the most lovely program with their families. The National Dog Festival takes place from 17-18 / 11 in Philadelphia. The program was broadcast on NBC on November 22.

The program is held annually to show the love of the people of this country to the dogs. They are always loyal friends of man.

The show may introduce over 2,000 purebred dogs of 7 groups to compete for the “Best of the Group”.

Unlike other traditional pet dog festivals, this program is an opportunity for 65 million Americans to participate. There many activities to do with their pet dogs. As one of the few active dog shows, the show allows the audience to see all the pet dogs throughout the day.

The challenge is seemingly simple but it takes a lot of training effort. The dogs have to sit still on the bench when not participating in the competition. This requires the “contestants” must be extremely disciplined.

In addition, at last year’s event, two new dog breeds of the American Kennel Club were introduced. They were Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (sports group) and Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen (of hunting dogs). This brought the total The number of breeds was recognized to 192. Since 2003, 45 new dog breeds were introduced at the event.

The criteria of the winners

The contest’s official website says the judges will evaluate the “contestants” competition based on criteria. The criteria are their appearance, performance at the competition and their behavior, the functions of each dog breed.

The forerunner of this program is the Philadelphia Dog Festival, which has been held since 1879. Since 2002 when NBC Sports began broadcasting the program, families throughout the United States have traditionally watched the ceremony of National Dog Festival on Thanksgiving. This is a very entertaining and inspiring event for Americans to raise more dogs.