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Explore the most unique animal races in the world (Part 2)

4. The turtles compete together

In Central America, the turtle race is a popular event. This contest is held during traditional festivals or at rural fairs.

Anyone from old to young can bring their turtles to compete. To distinguish, the organizers will use identification numbers with different colors to attach to the shells of the turtles. Next, these amateurs will be placed at the starting position of the center of a pre-drawn circle, and free to walk around freely until one of them comes out of the circle to become The turtle won.

5. Hamster racing

Hamster racing is a popular race in many parts of the world, in which each hamster will own a small racing car and complete the track – about 10 meters, in the shortest possible time. Hamsters can participate in racing cars or motorbikes depending on the regulations of the organizers, but these types of racing cars must agree on the design and speed.

Hamster racing is a popular race in many parts of the world

6. Snail racing

Water English capital is famous for bizarre races dedicated to animals and snail racing is one of those activities. This activity is usually held in rural areas and received many responses.

In this contest, the snails will be arranged into small groups, from 2 to 3, and unleash their talent in a pre-drawn circle. Like the race for the turtles, surely the owner of the snails will have to be very patient to wait until the moment their snail crawls out of the circle, right?

7. Sheep run over the fence

New Zealand is probably a famous country for sheep racing. Like racehorses, sheep will be carefully selected to become a hurdler. These sheep will have to complete the race about 100 meters, in which many fences are arranged with straw.

8. Race for the Hermit Crab snails

Hermit crab is a species of ornamental animals that many people love. Even many parts of the world also organize crab snail racing.

Like in the race for turtles and snails, the crab hermit crabs are placed in a circle and win after they cross the circle. However, not all snails are interested in participating in this race, guys, their owners must sometimes use every way to force their pets out of their shells and compete.

Explore the most unique animal races in the world (Part 1)

Usually, we know a lot about horse racing – a popular recreational sport. However, very few people see races for ducks, pigs, snails, or turtles, right? Although in many races the prize money is not much, everyone feels very happy to participate. Especially in some places, it has become a tradition and has a long history.

1. Duck racing & Fashion parade

Duck racing & Fashion parade is probably one of the funniest competitions ever held in Australia. The reason is called Duck racing & Fashion Parade because the ducks are present in the competition not only to race, but also to show off impressive costumes that we rarely see.

Duck racing & Fashion parade Duck racing is probably one of the funniest competitions

This contest has been held annually since 1980, and the award given to the duck that finishes first will be the title of “The Fastest Duck in Australia ” with a souvenir.

2. Pigs Race

Pig racing – maybe a race that is out of your imagination, but for the people of the South of America, it’s an annual event. This contest is often held in rural areas as a recreational sport for the people, as well as an activity aimed at attracting visitors’ attention or donating to charity.

The special thing is that any locals or tourists can participate in this contest. Do you bring your favorite dog from home or hire an “athlete” from the organizers.

3. Goats racing

Not only are they raised for meat and milk, but goats can also be trained to become race athletes. There are many goat races taking place all over the world, but the most famous is still in the city of Buccoo – in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. This race was first organized in 1925 and takes place at different times of the year.

Due to the high prize money, not all goats can compete in this competition. Goat “athletes” must look energetic, have a long run, and are well trained to be able to complete the 100-meter race in the shortest amount of time.

Introduction to horse racing and guide to betting on this sport (Part 1)

Horse racing is a sport with a rich and long tradition. Horse racing is known to be the sport of kings and has been around for hundreds of years.

Today, horse racing is extremely popular in many parts of the world, attracting people from all walks of life. Races take place throughout the year in a few different countries, and many attract a huge audience to the racetrack and around the TV screen.

In particular, the sport is very popular among gamblers, an integral part of horse racing. That is always a fact. Horse racing is the oldest form of gambling ever made and it is still a hobby enjoyed by millions.

For many fans of the sport, horse racing bets have made horse racing even more dramatic. Horse racing is based on bonuses and sponsorships from the betting industry that has fed the sport.

In this horse racing betting guide, we will tell you all about the sport and how to bet. We’ll write about the basics you need to know plus some tips and tricks. We do not guarantee that you will make money betting but we can help you move forward to success.

Some general information about the sport is also included in the guide. We will write about horse racing practices in different parts of the world and provide details on major events and races. Everything this guide has is fully explained below. You can read the full pages or go to any of the following sections that interest you.

Introduction to horse racing betting

The first section of the tutorial has two parts. An introduction to equestrianism is part of the task as you should have a certain understanding of the subject before you start betting.

We write about the different types of horse racing going on around the world, and we’ll also explore different breeds of racehorses. Also, we will explain the terminology used in this subject.