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Explore the most unique animal races in the world (Part 2)

4. The turtles compete together

In Central America, the turtle race is a popular event. This contest is held during traditional festivals or at rural fairs.

Anyone from old to young can bring their turtles to compete. To distinguish, the organizers will use identification numbers with different colors to attach to the shells of the turtles. Next, these amateurs will be placed at the starting position of the center of a pre-drawn circle, and free to walk around freely until one of them comes out of the circle to become The turtle won.

5. Hamster racing

Hamster racing is a popular race in many parts of the world, in which each hamster will own a small racing car and complete the track – about 10 meters, in the shortest possible time. Hamsters can participate in racing cars or motorbikes depending on the regulations of the organizers, but these types of racing cars must agree on the design and speed.

Hamster racing is a popular race in many parts of the world

6. Snail racing

Water English capital is famous for bizarre races dedicated to animals and snail racing is one of those activities. This activity is usually held in rural areas and received many responses.

In this contest, the snails will be arranged into small groups, from 2 to 3, and unleash their talent in a pre-drawn circle. Like the race for the turtles, surely the owner of the snails will have to be very patient to wait until the moment their snail crawls out of the circle, right?

7. Sheep run over the fence

New Zealand is probably a famous country for sheep racing. Like racehorses, sheep will be carefully selected to become a hurdler. These sheep will have to complete the race about 100 meters, in which many fences are arranged with straw.

8. Race for the Hermit Crab snails

Hermit crab is a species of ornamental animals that many people love. Even many parts of the world also organize crab snail racing.

Like in the race for turtles and snails, the crab hermit crabs are placed in a circle and win after they cross the circle. However, not all snails are interested in participating in this race, guys, their owners must sometimes use every way to force their pets out of their shells and compete.

The sports that are involved by animals (Part 2)

Cow Fighting

Switzerland is famous for the traditional “bullfighting” event. Unlike the usual bullfighting that humans will fight bulls, there is actually a fight between two cows.

Each match can last up to 40 minutes. Similar events took place in Haute-Savoie (France), in the Aosta Valley of Italy and Artvin (Turkey).

Camel Wrestling

Turkey’s west coast has a tradition of camel wrestling. The tournament brings together champions from villages together in a dusty stadium.

This is a war, but it looks more like a comic because the interesting thing that camel athletes bring is that they are not born with a fight.

Very funny! Before the match, a female camel will be led across 2 “gladiators” to stimulate their fighting spirit. The appearance of “beautiful people” makes two male camels so attractive and seductive to the foam of the nose, mouth and perhaps the audience will watch the show of strength between them and the “dream man”.

Roller Pigeon Competition

The dove is a domesticated pigeon, which can roll upside down while in the air or on the ground. Some rolling pigeons can curl up at a fast rate so you look like a bird feather ball.

They are selected varieties with length, height and quality suitable to compete.

The team usually consists of 8 to 20 pigeons. During the competition, the winning birds were judged based on many factors, including sorting, simultaneous rolling, number of turns and roller quality.

Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a violent fighting game, sometimes leading to the death of poor dogs. This game is banned in most developed countries, but still popular in some countries like Afghanistan, Kazakhstan to entertain and bring big profits to the scammers.

World Snail Racing Championships

The race between two or more “snail athletes” and the snails will have to “run” on a circle with a radius of about 35 centimeters. The serial number is painted on the cover or small stickers to mark the contestants. Every year, many snail events take place all over the world, but in the UK is the most popular.

Sport is often known as a way to keep people healthy, but animals are no exception. You can also find relaxing moments for yourself when watching them perform. But do not forget respect!