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Top 10 best fighting cock breeds in the world nowadays (Part 1)

Fighting cocks are like other animals, although having the same species, they have different characteristics. Let’s discover top 10 best fighting cock breeds in the world in the following article.

1. Sweater fighting cock

The Sweater fighting cock has a light coat, a white tail, yellow legs, and a strawberry tail. Besides, this breed of fighting cock has tall body, strong and quite beautiful. In terms of style of play, they often combine full strength, speed, and intelligence.

2. Kelso fighting cock

The Kelso fighting cock is the classic fighting cock you will always find on most farms. These are intelligent roosters. The color of their legs as adults will change from yellow to white. This Kelso is also very strong and can fight most other roosters.

Known to be one of the most successful crossbreeds undergoing countless crosses performed by breeder Kelso. This breed has brought many prestigious awards to its owners. For many people, this is one of the most popular gamefowls today.

3. Hatch fighting cock

Hatch is a fighting cock breed with good resistance. They are known as excellent warriors and have great intelligence. It is the most complete variety of the American Gamefowl, with an adult weight of about 3kg. The Hatch Fighting cock line is more inclined to the more rounded spurs. They are beautiful fighting cocks, speed, ability to kick big.

4. Albany fighting cock

Chicks Albany is one of the best fighting cock races today. They possess a beautiful body with prominent features such as dark red or dark brown fur, yellow and white feet. When fighting, they will try to avoid the first kick in the air and put the opponent into their trap.

5. Roundhead fighting cock

The Roundhead fighting cock is a medium to high stature breed. The average weight of an adult male is from 1.81 kg – 2.72 kg. They are smart, rather agile warriors with great quick kicks. Roundheads are famous for their ability to fight and end quickly.

6. Brownred fighting cock

The Brownred Fighting cock is a fast and decisive blow. It was that floating-point that shocked the opponent. They are quite aggressive and aggressive roosters. The most recognizable features are black or blue legs, dark eyes, and dark brown fur.