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Indian workers are like ‘Usain Bolt of buffalo racing

Srinivasa Gowda, he is a construction worker in southern India. He has just broken the local buffalo race record and is being compared to “Black Lightning” Usain Bolt.

He had ran 142 meters of dirt road for 13.42 seconds, BBC reported. The Olympic event watchers have more scientific methods, better electronics to measure speed.

“People compare me to Usain Bolt. He’s a world champion, I just ran on a dirt road,” Gowda told India Today.

Srinivas Gowda ran 142.5 m in 13.62 seconds on January 31 after two buffaloes. That’s setting a record in an annual race called Kambala in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka.

This achievement is equivalent to running 100 m in 9.55 seconds, surpassing Bolt’s world record (retired) is 9.58 seconds. It earned the reputation of the buffalo racer who was a construction worker, before receiving an invitation from the Indian Sports Minister to compete in the national track and field.

However, according to local media, while floating like alcohol, Gowda’s record was broken by another buffalo racer. Accordingly, Nishant Shetty and his buffalo defeated Gowda by running 143 m in 13.61 seconds, equivalent to a record of 9.51 seconds on a distance of 100 m.

Tay đua trâu Nishant Shetty lại nổi tiếng nhờ được cho là phá vỡ kỷ lục chạy 100m của Usain Bolt /// CHỤP MÀN HÌNH

Kambala, in Tulu meaning “muddy field”, is a traditional sport originating from the coastal region of Karnataka. Participants will run on a dirt track, 132 meters long or 142 meters long, with two buffaloes tied together.

In 2014, the Supreme Court of India banned the racing of cattle after appearing in several campaigns against Jallikattu, a form of bullfighting in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The International Animal Rights Protection Organization (PETA) has filed a petition with the Supreme Court of India, saying that the state of Karnataka reorganizing Kambala is illegal.

The Buffalo driver Srinivas Gowda suddenly became world famous after being compared to the legendary Bolt