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Explore the most unique animal races in the world (Part 1)

Usually, we know a lot about horse racing – a popular recreational sport. However, very few people see races for ducks, pigs, snails, or turtles, right? Although in many races the prize money is not much, everyone feels very happy to participate. Especially in some places, it has become a tradition and has a long history.

1. Duck racing & Fashion parade

Duck racing & Fashion parade is probably one of the funniest competitions ever held in Australia. The reason is called Duck racing & Fashion Parade because the ducks are present in the competition not only to race, but also to show off impressive costumes that we rarely see.

Duck racing & Fashion parade Duck racing is probably one of the funniest competitions

This contest has been held annually since 1980, and the award given to the duck that finishes first will be the title of “The Fastest Duck in Australia ” with a souvenir.

2. Pigs Race

Pig racing – maybe a race that is out of your imagination, but for the people of the South of America, it’s an annual event. This contest is often held in rural areas as a recreational sport for the people, as well as an activity aimed at attracting visitors’ attention or donating to charity.

The special thing is that any locals or tourists can participate in this contest. Do you bring your favorite dog from home or hire an “athlete” from the organizers.

3. Goats racing

Not only are they raised for meat and milk, but goats can also be trained to become race athletes. There are many goat races taking place all over the world, but the most famous is still in the city of Buccoo – in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. This race was first organized in 1925 and takes place at different times of the year.

Due to the high prize money, not all goats can compete in this competition. Goat “athletes” must look energetic, have a long run, and are well trained to be able to complete the 100-meter race in the shortest amount of time.