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Introduction to the famous Melbourne Cup Horse Racing (Part 2)

The first race was held in 1861 with a distance of more than two miles (about 3218 meters), but was shortened to 3,200 meters (2.0 miles) in 1972 when Australia adopted the meter measurement system. This reduced the distance by 18,688 m (61.31 ft), and the race record for 1968 was 3min 19.1sec for the Lover Rain, which was adjusted to 3min.17.9sec.

Holding the current record is the 1990 Kingston Rule with a time of 3 minutes 16.3sec. At the Melbourne Cup, many horses have become famous. That’s Archer – one of the five horses that won more than one tournament. Or Makybe Diva is the only horse winning 3 consecutive years: 2003, 2004 and 2005. But perhaps the most prominent is the Phar Lap horse – the most famous horse in Australia.

Phar Lap horse

Phar Lap horse is a horse born in New Zealand, trained in Australia. Phar Lap won many horse racing events during the Great Depression. During difficult economic times, he was considered a hero of the entire Australian people. The story of this horse has also been made into a movie.

Not only the best horses, professionally trained in Australia, but many other countries around the world can participate in this festival. In 2014, 31 foreign horses from Japan, France, Germany and New Zealand were sent to the Melbourne Cup.

The first horse from abroad to win the Melbourne Cup was the horse from New Zealand Martini-Henry in 1883 and the four most recent foreign horses won including Fiorente (Ireland), Green Moon (Ireland), Dunaden (France) and Americain (USA).

Fashion on the Field

Fashion on the Field is an annual competition held in this event as well as many other horse racing events across Australia. Initially, the awards were put into categories to see how much the ladies spent on their costumes: costumes under £ 30, above £ 50 and the best hat.

British model Jean Shrimpton surprised everyone when in 1965 she came to Derby Dayy with a mini zippered knee-high 10 cm without a hat, gloves and socks. Her shocking outfits at the time caught the attention of the world with Melbourne’s horse racing. Today, women are free to choose their most gorgeous and beautiful costumes to perform at the festival.

Introduction to the famous Melbourne Cup Horse Racing (Part 1)

Melbourne Cup is Australia’s largest and most popular annual horse racing event. Held on the 3rd of the beginning of November every year at 3pm. This is a 3200m long race for horses 3 years of age and older organized by the Horse Racing Club – Victoria at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

This is a handicap competition (for all sides to weigh). The horses will be given additional weight on their backs to ensure that all competitors have the same chance of winning.

Melbourne Cup Day has been considered a public holiday in Victoria since 1873. In the past, the event has officially been an annual public holiday since 1993 and is regulated in Australia’s Official Holiday Law. However, if not in Melbourne or Victoria, there are also a lot of people watching via TV.

Currently, an estimated 700 million people follow this event in 120 countries around the world. On Tuesday of this November, you can watch the Melbourne Cup live via Australia Plus Television’s international television channel or listen to Radio Australia radio.

The Melbourne Cup 2019 Horse Racing is worth up to A $ 7 million. There will be about 24 horses participating in the cup competition. The trophy for the winning horse is not cheap at all. Especially, this trophy is worth up to $ 175,000, made from 18 carats of gold.

The sole is made from Australian mimosa wood. Each year, the trophy will be renewed to give the owner of the winning horse. In this tournament, there are also 2 other trophies worth about $ 10,000 for trainers and riders. The Archer horse won the first Melbourne Cup and its owner was given a gold watch.

Cup Day is part of the equestrian festival which includes many other events. For example, The Derby which took place the previous Saturday, Oaks Day on the Thursday after Cup Day and Stakes Day as the end of the festive season. Saturday after the Cup Day.

8 adventurous sports for dogs (Part 2)

Dog agility

Dog agility competitions include a timely race, where dogs navigate a series of 15-20 obstacles, including tire jumping, weaving poles, tunnels and seesaw. Dogs are judged on the ability to overcome those obstacles as perfectly as possible.

Owners must work, too, they have to keep up their dogs as they go through the course and promote their dogs with gestures and commands.

Think of flyball dogs as dog relay riders. Each dog in the team must run down a 50-foot lane, jump over four obstacles and push a balloon box to drop a tennis ball and catch it. Then, they raced back to the starting line with the ball so the latter dog could walk. Which team wins the fastest.

Disc Dogs

This is a sport for dogs who like to catch flying saucers and owners love to throw them. Disc Dogs Team competitions come in two categories: one is a long throw, in which you throw a dog disc and your dog catches it, earning points for a disc stuck in midair or at a distance. The other is freedom in which your dog performs tricks and dances with multiple discs in a routine that is choreographed into music.


Think of treibball (literally a push ball) as a cattle rancher, but instead of sheep, your dog is controlling large rubber balls.

Dogs have seven minutes to push eight yoga or fitness balls into the target using their nose or shoulders while taking cues from their owners. Afterwards, they must lie down in front of goal.

Dog skateboarding

Dog skateboarding is like a short cross-country skiing race, you are on the skateboard when your furry family member (or a group of three dogs) pulls you along. You have to be a good skier, and while any size dog can compete, a dog over 35 pounds will be better able to pull you along the trail.

Surf competitions for dogs

Surf competitions for dogs are just beaches in Haiti or large lakes, where your dog can hang ten on a board and ride the wave to shore. Dogs are judged by their technique (whether they are sitting or standing on a board), their confidence and their ability to stay on the surfboard.

Next, move to a beach to ride the small waves. When your dog feels more comfortable on the surfboard, your dog can begin to stand up, lie down, turn around and ride it towards later, Mark said, Markwardt, are all allowed in surfing events.

The 13-year-old Kangaroo to be rescued

The Australian bushfire disaster is no longer a problem in Australia alone, but it has become a global phenomenon. In those mortal moments, he felt sorry for witnessing a series of dead Kangaroo uncle.

The 13-year-old Kangaroo was rescued and fell into the embrace of thanks to make everyone touched. Australia and Australia are not new to wildfires. Burning in pastures because these fires partly increase soil fertility, as long as it can be controlled in time.

However, 2019 is considered to be a record hot year in Australia, the average temperature increases by more than 1.5 degrees C. Increasing temperatures will increase the risk of wildfires, plus the strong winds that cause continuous fires. It’s continues to spread. Since September 2019, Australia has been suffering from a series of terrible fires across the country.

At the moment, almost everywhere in Australia there’s a fire. But the most violent was the southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, with a total of 6 million hectares of burnt land. The record fire has left many mourning for this kangaroo country.

Not only that, the whole world was shocked when Chris Dickman – an ecologist at the University of Sydney. They announced the figure of nearly half a billion animals in Australia died from wildfires.

Notably, according to the Daily Mail provides video recorded on 5/1 when people return to the town of Batlow in rural New South Wales. Thousands of koalas, kangaroos and burnt sheep are found along the road leading to the town of Batlow. In particular, the sight of a kangaroo appears to be begging for the help of an extremely emotional boy.

In addition, Kangaroo Island is a popular tourist destination off the coast of South Australia, home to many wildlife species, including koalas. Rescuers say the number of healthy Kangaroo on the island of the same name has halved due to wildfires. And right now, the Kangaroo uncle is more concerned than ever.

10 steps to turn a dolphin into an assassin

The training program not only helps dolphins detect underwater mines but also teaches them how to use head-mounted weapons to attack divers, even attach bombs to submarines.

Dolphins are carnivores, mainly eating fish and squid. The Delphinidae family is the largest family of dolphins and also the latest family to appear: about 10 million years ago, in the Middle Ages. Dolphins are one of the intelligent animals and are well known in human culture for their friendly appearance and mischievous attitude.

Here are 10 basic steps to train dolphins to become Soviet assassins in the 1960s:

  • First have to find a dolphin. Traders can buy dolphins at the black market. But according to the Law on the Protection of Mammals issued in 1973, you can be fined if you are found to be trading in dolphins.
  • Keep wild dolphins or keep them in cages and isolate them from other dolphins.
  • Create close relationships with dolphins by spending time playing with it.
  • The US Navy’s marine mammal training program uses a positive approach to training dolphins and other marine mammals.
  • But the Soviet dolphin training program used harsher measures, such as lifting cages out of the water when dolphins resisted, forcing them to wear armor or muzzle.
  • Do not feed the dolphins so that they depend on the trainer. They only get food when performing the trainer’s requests, like destroying enemy divers.
  • Dolphins are animals that do not like to live alone. When released after a period of isolation in cages, they will be very excited and ready to perform the task.
  • One note when training dolphins is not to apply electricity to their brains. The Soviet Union tested this method and found that dolphins often die.
  • Put weapons on the dolphins’ heads and train them to swim to enemy divers before using weapons on their heads to attack.
  • The dolphin training team of the US Army often rewards sardines to dolphins after they “kill” enemy divers in training sessions.

How to stop the dog barking when meeting a stranger

Barks are the way dogs communicate with you. As an owner, you can appreciate a dog barking to warn that someone is at the door.

But excessive barking or barking at strangers may indicate that your dog is not trusting or comfortable with new people. Using training methods to control dogs’ barking is important so that it does not act excessively aggressively with others.

Dogs often bark at sovereignty when meeting strangers. This bark indicates that the dog is scared and sees strangers as a potential threat. They are anxious to protect their territory. So they will use barking when they see strangers in familiar places like their home and yard.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chó sủa

In fact, your dog may bark at such an excessive threat that you will not hear your request to stop barking or any scolding you may give him. Even if you use strict penalties to stop a dog from barking, it will still try to control its territory by biting someone.

Most dog experts agree that yelling, yelling, or even hitting a dog because barking can actually make them bark more. If your dog barks because of fear or anxiety, the punishment will only add to the stress in the dog. Instead of that, train your dog to respond appropriately to strangers, and bark only when necessary.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chó sủa

Some owners may want to use a muzzle to prevent dogs from barking. Usually, a bark collar should be a last resort, not a first option. A bark and muzzle collar is not as effective as proper dog training and can lead to other behavioral problems.

It is important to address dogs’ barking by creating an environment that restricts their vision to others. Keep curtains or blinds all day long when dogs are at home. You can also make a baby’s port so that your dog cannot enter rooms with large windows where he can look out.

8 adventurous sports for dogs (Part 1)

Sure, you can play games with your dog in the backyard and call it a day. But if you really want to increase your child’s workout and mental stimulation, get her involved in some extreme dog sports.

Many dog ​​sports have organizations or training classes that you can take part in, where you can practice but also make some new friends, both dogs and people.

For owners, this is a great opportunity to meet other owners, learn from the experience and enjoy a social activity, according to Doug Ljungren, executive vice president of Sports Club & Events of American Club. In addition, the more you interact with your dog with others, the better she is socialized.

Which dog is right for your dog?

Not sure what special dog sports go? Check out a few videos on social media to get acquainted with the events first, and then attend an event, introducing Ljungren.

Before starting any dog ​​sport, you should always discuss your plans with your veterinarian. They will be able to make decisions about your dog’s age and health so you can be sure they will overcome the challenge.

Many high-impact sports dogs, who require sharp turns, speed and sharp jumps, such as agility and balloons often require a dog to be at least 12-15 months old, he explains. Ljungren also said that you would want your dog to have knowledge of basic commands.

The most important thing about this sport is that you and your dog are enjoying it, regardless of whether you are the best or not.

In scuba diving, dogs compete to jump the highest or longest into a pool. In the remote case, you throw the dog’s favorite toy into the water and on your command, it runs down to the dock and jumps into the water to get the toy.

Some dogs can jump 5 or 6 feet, while others can jump 20 feet or more.

In the lure of the lure, the dog chases a white plastic bag attached to a muscle around an open field. Dogs must be able to keep an eye on the bait as it spins in all directions and, of course, makes sharp turns as they follow it. They are judged on their ability to follow their appeal as well as their speed, agility, and endurance.

Visit the loveliest red fox in Japan at the Zao Kitsune fox village

When it comes to foxes, many people often think of them as crafty animals like in fairy tales for children. But in fact, these are extremely intelligent and lovely animals. Therefore, in Japan there is a whole village for these mischievous and lovely foxes.

The red foxes are scattered from Asia and Europe. They are agile and quite smart predators, but are smaller in size than dogs. Besides, the red fox has the ability to adapt quickly to many different habitats. Although they are known as the red fox, they also have other hair colors such as white and black.


The red foxes often live in pairs or small groups like a family. The young foxes will be trained very carefully by their parents in hunting skills. The red foxes mostly eat small rodents like mice, or they can catch rabbits, chickens and other reptiles.

The red foxes also eat fruits and vegetables to add fiber. The traditional enemies of the red fox are larger predators such as wolves, golden jackals and, of course, humans.

To Japanese people, foxes are intelligent animals that symbolize luck. Moreover, the snow fox is the representative mascot of the god Inari Okami. He is regarded as the protector of agriculture, commerce, sake, and tea of ​​the Japanese. Therefore, they love and appreciate this adorable four-legged animal.


Zao Kitsune Fox Village was founded in early 1990 in the city of Shiroishi in Japan. At first, this was a sanctuary dedicated to such rare foxes. The red foxes here are very gentle and lovely and have attracted many tourists to visit this village. Visitors can have fun, take photos with the foxes or buy food packages for 100 yen and then feed them.

But the red foxes are still wildlife, so wear protective gloves when feeding them. Despite being released into the natural environment, the red foxes are still fully vaccinated every year to ensure their health and the visitors visit. In addition, after the trip, visitors can also buy stuffed foxes as souvenirs when coming to this village.

Have you ever seen animals become airport security staff?

Using animals to ensure flight safety is a measure of many international airports around the world apply. For the past 2 years, Los Angeles Airport, USA has provided dogs using psychotherapy services for customers for free.

Dogs walk along the airport security area to reassure worried passengers. Last month the dogs were commended by the Los Angeles City government.

Olly cat has become a mascot for many years in Manchester airport, England. Over the same years, Olly lived between Hall 1 and Hall 3 of the airport and was looked after by airport staff.

Khi động vật trở thành nhân viên an ninh sân bay - ảnh 2

She also has a Facebook page with 2,500 friends and has an airplane called Olly. Sadly, Olly’s cat died earlier this year from pneumonia. Olly was built for a memorial stele at the airport.

One of the most frightening threats to airplanes is the birds. In the US, there are about 14,000 bird attacks each year.

If falconers are used at the airport, they are tasked with directing foreign birds from obstructing flights during take-off and landing. The great advantage of eagles is that they can cover in a wide space.

During the pilot program at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA, the government began using livestock herds at the airport to maintain the vegetation.

Khi động vật trở thành nhân viên an ninh sân bay - ảnh 6

The herd includes 40 goats, sheep, and llamas from Settlers Pond, an animal rescue center in Beecher, Illinois. Karen Pride, the communications director of the company, said the use of herds as a substitute for spraying toxic herbicides.

Israel’s Tamar Security is developing an explosive detection system thanks to mice. Yuval Amsterdam, deputy director of the security firm, said the benefits of using mice are because they have a good sense of smell. They are so small that they are easy to transport and train. When used at the airport, rats will sniff passengers and luggage to find explosives and other banned substances.

With a virtual pet blogger

Besides new discoveries in blog technology, teenagers can now ask for a “virtual” pet. In a nutshell, bunnyherolabs is a ranch where you can come, look, choose and adopt pets. Adoption is completely “free”.

In fact, if you are not familiar with HTML code, you may be satisfied with a dog or a cat running back and forth in the direction you mouse. However, if you know a little bit of code and can fumble, the Advanced section of the Adoption Center will help you out! Here, you will be meticulously guided to be able to add wallpapers, insert text.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho blogger nuôi thú ảo

The you can choose your favorite pet. The website will list all virtual pets in the form of images for you to choose. You can choose from dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, pandas, … to spiders, porcupines, wolves, … And even pencils, paper scissors and light bulbs.

Name your pet and enter your nick in the Adopter name. You are both to make a “birth certificate” for the virtual pet, while confirming your sovereignty.

Choose a color for your pets by clicking on the palette. You can even raise a green injecting chicken, or a purple cat. Then click “Finish” to complete.

Of course, you have to feed your animals. You feed your pet by dragging the mouse on the word More below. Then click on the food, then drag the mouse to the animal’s mouth to let it eat.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho blogger nuôi thú ảo

Besides food, the site also provides you with some quite interesting elements such as toys for virtual animals, technology to create wallpapers.

Besides feeding the animal, you also have to cuddle and cuddle it! You can do this by clicking on the head or the body of the animal for a while. Each animal will have a different reaction.

So, from now on, you can both blog and have a cute animal in the blog already! Certainly friends and guests visiting your blog will also be very surprised and interested. And maybe there are no budding buddies out of hobby, right?