Responsible and fun (RaF) is committed in the belief that education, open to all, is the key to progression, development and integration into society and the workforce.

Providing opportunities for adults and youths to develop personal and vocational skills they need to become responsible, productive members of the community. The programme accomplishes this by animal assisted therapy as a means to reintegrate into education and the community.

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Positive results we achieve

  • Increase engagement in education
  • Increase confidence in personal ability to make positive changes to futures
  • Improve interpersonal communication and self esteem
  • Gain empathy and understanding of choices and peer pressure
  • Develop skills
  • Improve phsycological and social wellbeing
  • Educate in responsibility within education and the community
  • Reintegrate back in to education and/or the workplace

Dog Legislation V Human Education


We believe that current legislation will not be enforced to the level required to ensure its success and the solution to this dangerous problem is through education. All children between the ages of 5 and 18 should be educated in schools to comprehend responsible dog ownership. It is especially important that all children are aware of the dangers and how to act in an appropriate manner in order to keep themselves safe around dogs.

Help us to prioritise human education over dog legislation by signing our petition.