Our experienced behaviourists perform temperament tests and use the information gathered to deliver a profile on a dog's behaviour.

The Pendlebairn temperament test assesses key areas of a dogs personality including tolerance, physical tolerance, sociability with adults, children and babies and resource guarding.

As with all the work Pendlebairn does, our temperament tests are psychology based and use no force or harsh methods.

Usually, dog profiling is required for one of the following reasons.

Animal Sanctuaries

Dogs in rescue shelters deserve to have the best possible chance of a single successful adoption through which they can spend the rest of their life, happy and secure in a loving home.

It can be difficult to determine a dog’s personality and temperament whilst in a shelter environment. Pendlebairn's temperament test allows us to determine if a dog is safe. If so, the results of the test are then used to create a profile of the dog’s temperament and the ideal adoption home for that dog.

Expert Witness

Suzanne is an experienced expert witness for dog temperament and behaviour in court cases. A temperament test, written profile, professional opinion and statement of truth will be provided with an accompanying DVD to explain the dog's temperament and behaviour. The Pendlebairn temperament test has been accepted as evidence in the courts.