If you feel your dog has a behaviour problem, an experienced behaviourist can help you through a one to one consultation.

If you would like a behaviour consultation, it is usual to be referred by a professional eg. a veterinary surgeon or rescue society. This is, however, not always necessary.

The Pendlebairn Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour consultations are, whenever possible, conducted in the home so that the dog behaves in his/her typical manner. If in unfamiliar environment, it is to be expected that the dog will react differently and therefore would not give a clear indication of the problem to the behaviourist.

Each consultation lasts for approximately 2 hours and costs £80. A written programme is then given to assist the owner in the rehabilitation work suggested by the behaviourist. Within the programme are notes to assist the owner in following the advice, as instructed during the consultation.

Most behavioural problems need only one consultation although further time is optional if the problem persists. During rehabilitation, support is offered by telephone and e-mail at no extra cost.