Pendlebairn Pet Behaviour Classes teach your dogs life skills

What do we mean by this? Well, we teach you both the life skills that help you to live happily together. Here at Pendlebairn Land, we don't go in for marching round and round, or up and down for that matter, but we do go in for using psychology based training method which is both kind and effective, so everybody wins! We hope that once you've finished the course, you'll be so brimming with doggy training knowledge that you'll be teaching the party tricks to show off to all your friends, four legged and otherwise...

We're sure you don't just want to learn any old thing; well, Pendlebairn teach The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme, a nationwide scheme providing independent assessors in order to give a standardized level of training, and you get a lovely rosette and certificate for the fridge!
We run the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Puppy awards (you could collect 3 or 4... you'll be the most accessorised pair in the park!).

We offer 3 different types of training to suit everyone's needs we hope. Here's a little description of each.

Obedience Classes

The Traditional one, a group class, great as a socialising opportunity for you and your dog!
Classes are held on Tuesday evenings in Rossendale and Leigh, and on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in Denton.
Classes cost £25 per calendar month. Although we want you to meet people and other doggy pals, class sizes are limited, we want to learn not just party so please call to book a place!


The Outdoor one, these group classes are in the great British outdoors with the butterflies, sunshine and sometimes, maybe, a little liquid sunshine too!
Classes are held in Torkington Park, Stockport at 9.00am on Saturdays and in Denton, Manchester at 9.30am on Sunday mornings.
Classes cost £25 per calendar month. As we have all the distracions of the real world, class sizes are limited to ensure that you get as much of our attention as you deserve. So pick up the dog and bone and book a place.

One-to-One Lessons

The Private one, Pendlebairn lessons come to your living room. We don't insist on biscuits, a cup of tea, or coffee, but you have the option of getting someone to make you one while we work! Perfect for if you can't make one of our classes for some reason.
Lessons cost £25 per session, and can be scheduled at a time to suit you, we're very flexible but we do need our beauty sleep. Give us a call to coordinate diaries and book your lesson.